Student Group

About AIGA

AIGA is a national group known as the professional association for design. Through our student group, we strive to promote design and develop skills as artists. Being affiliated with a national organization brings so many opportunities to students interested in design, such as:

  • Meeting and networking with design professionals around the OKC area
  • Meeting and collaborating with other design students
  • Attending AIGA professional design events for free
  • Free admission to AIGA student events 

The AIGA Student Group works together on design projects to build design skills, aesthetics and experience as designers. Freelance projects give students real life design experience to build their portfolios. It is a great environment for students to grow as designers.


Jeff Price, Faculty Advisor
Hillary Richt, President
Elizabeth Hetling, Vice President
Austin St. Aubin, Marketing/Public Relations
Robbie Ulrich, Underclassman Representative


Contact Jeff Price or Hillary Richt for more info.