Chad Bianco

BiancoBFA Graphic Design - University of Central Oklahoma and is a Senior Art Director at Saxum.

You should know I'm kind of angry – because every day it seems there is a little more bad design and advertising out there and all I want to do is make the world a better place. One might say I'm a "mad man", but I'm more of a brand geek at heart, pursuing killer ideas and striving to succeed. I love to make things for people that want to change things. And, it's this drive that keeps my blood flowing. Because of this relentless pursuit of greatness, some of my conceptualizations and artistry have resulted in a multitude of award-winning projects across all media in virtually every industry.
A creative career now in its second decade, I've designed and art-directed creative solutions for a number of different clients at a local, national and global level. Currently, I create and oversee branding work at Saxum as well as other creative projects for print, video/tv, identities, and digital campaigns, plus much more.
Away from my dual-screen canvas, I remain a purveyor of excellent design. A global traveler, I see artistic beauty in the world’s nature, architecture, film, music and sports. For me, fun is exercise, surfing, bicycles, interesting beers and pearl snap shirts – usually not all at once...but sometimes.