Graphic Design

Among Us illustration of creature smiling in dark woods

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

You won’t find what we do anywhere else. Sure, you’ll learn tech stuff like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. But there’s more:

The ability to Think-Solve-Execute.

You’ll graduate with a portfolio stuffed with graphic design, advertising, web design, and photography, videography, gaming+animation, marketing or Illustration.

No wonder those that hire love our grads. We prepare you for all kinds of jobs. You can become a graphic designer, creative director, art director, web designer, illustrator, marketing strategist, account supervisor, UI or UX designer, photographer, videographer, account supervisor, copywriter or gaming+animation designer.

Location! Location! Location!

Oklahoma City has more than 1,320,000 people. Think field trips. Guest speakers. Internships. Teachers from the industry. And jobs.

Come join our community of creatives and start the journey to a fun career.

Student Work

Elizabeth Maxwell

Image of paper folded 3d food truck

Tiffany Moehnke

Group of illustrated images

Sumner Brock

An assortment of illustrated work from a wood box with paper and wood blocks

Levi Burkett

Vinyl cover illustrated with several images

Israel Ramirez

Magazine opened to a full page illustrated ad

Any questions about Graphic Design? Contact Michael O'Keefe.