Student Group

Design games. Meet professionals.

Does designing games in your free time sound like fun? How about networking with professional game designers currently working in the industry? The game design and animation industry is a fun and entertaining industry, but can be quite daunting at first if you don't know people in the industry and you don't have the work to show them.

Students in OC's Gaming and Animation Club meet weekly to design games and animations to hone essential skills. We accepts students of all skill levels and skill sets.

Club opportunities

  1. Build your skill set as a 3d artist
  2. Get feedback about your work (without the pressures of a classroom)
  3. Meet and get advice from industry professionals
  4. Network at conferences like GDC Austin
  5. Tour game design and animation studios
  6. Design award-winning game levels


For more information about the club, contact Jeff Price.