Advisory Board

Tim Wallace
Lead Environmental Artist for Doom 4, ID software
Projects he worked on: QuakeLive, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, DC Universe, Rise of Nations, The Punisher, Terminator Redemption, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Crimson Skies, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Xmen Legends, Empire Earth,  and Fight Club. His commercial work includes clients such as FOX television, teen choice awards, billboard music awards, scifi channel, MTV, Spike and WB Kids. He’s had 14 years of experience as a professional artist specializing in 3d modeling, texturing and lighting of CG environments, props and characters for the video game and film industries.

Paolo de Guzman
Lead Surface Artist – Dreamworks
Projects he worked on: How to Train your Dragon, Monsters VS Aliens, Bee Movie, Flushed Away, Over the Hedge, Shark Tale, Reign of Fire, Swordfish, Soarin’, The Kid, Mission to Mars, Fight Club, Lake Pacid, EdTV, Los Gringos, What Dreams May Come, Titanic.
Studios he’s worked for: Dreamworks, Digital Domain

Piyush Patel
Founder and CEO of Digital-Tutors (Oklahoma City), was recently inducted as a 2008 Autodesk Maya Master at SIGGRAPH’s 35th Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Los Angeles, California. Patel has aided millions of artists from the world’s top studios, production companies, and academic institutions with the online training solutions developed by Digital-Tutors.

Jeffrey Dimick
OC Board Member, GPS Ground Control Program Manager for Boeing
Also, several years in the Post production industry in Los Angeles.
When Jeff Dimick graduated with a degree in math and computer science in 1983, the World Wide Web didn’t exist, the iPod was a distant dream, and the first global positioning system wouldn’t become operational for seven more years.
But Jeff’s education in computer science fundamentals from Oklahoma Christian prepared him to take on jobs of increasing responsibility. Now he is the program manager for GPS ground control systems at the Boeing company.