Campus closed Wednesday; classes/activities cancelled

Due to the weather forecast, OC's campus will be closed Wednesday. All classes and activities are cancelled. Students, faculty, and staff - check your email for more info.

Academic Catalog

OC's academic catalog is an overview of what to expect from your time at our university. Most importantly, it contains a list of all of the degrees that are offered, what courses are required for each degree, and a description of each course. Refer back to this document throughout your college experience to see what's coming next.

If you have questions about this document, contact the university registrar.

 Name  Size  Publish Date
pdf file Catalog-2014-2015.pdf
5487 kb Oct 14, 2014
pdf file Graduate-Catalog-2014-2015.pdf
2879 kb Aug 22, 2014
pdf file Catalog-2013-2014.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014
5689 kb Nov 20, 2013
pdf file 2013-14GraduateCatalog.pdf
729 kb Nov 15, 2013
pdf file Catalog2012-2013.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
4853 kb Dec 12, 2012
pdf file Graduate-Catalog2012-2013.pdf
Graduate Catalog
3781 kb Nov 29, 2012
pdf file Graduate-Catalog2010-11.pdf
Graduate Catalog
1986 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2011-2012.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
3484 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2010-2011.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
2948 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2009-2010.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
3833 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2008-2009.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
4216 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2007-2008.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
2894 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2006-2007.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
2931 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2005-2006.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
4334 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2004-2005.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
1881 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2003-2004.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
6197 kb Oct 31, 2011
pdf file Catalog2002-2003.pdf
Undergraduate Catalog
14031 kb Oct 31, 2011