Committee Structures and Rosters

Self-Study Steering Committee

Co-Chairs: Dr. Don Drew, Dr. Jeanine Varner
Other Members:Dr. Mike O’Neal, Dr. Bill Goad, Dr. Lawrence Murray, Dr. Don Hebbard, and all Self-Study Committee Chairs

Criterion One: Mission and Integrity

Co-Chairs: Dr. Johann Snyman, Dr. Burt Smith
Other Committee Members:Dr. Gary Tandy (Cascade*), Paul Howard (Cascade), Kilnam Cha (Cascade), Bill Hunt (Cascade), Andy Harbert, Dr. David Lowry, Jeff Bennett, Jay Jones

Criterion Two: Planning for the Future

Co-Chairs: Dr. Tony Alley, Dr. Lisa McWhirter
Other Committee Members: Dr. Brian Simmons (Cascade*), Mike Griffith (Cascade), Brenda Smith (Cascade), Dr. Scott LaMascus, Amy Kelly, Michael Cady, John Hermes

Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Co-Chairs: Dr. Phil Lewis, Dr. Jim Baird
Other Committee Members: Dr. Shawn Jones (Cascade*), Dana Barbarick (Cascade), Willie Steele (Cascade), Gerry Nixon (Cascade), Dr. Raymon Hutson, Neil Arter, Peter Sheldon, Amy Janzen

Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

Co-Chairs: Dr. Kathy Thompson, Dr. Molly Hill
Other Committee Members: Dr Juliana Ee (Cascade*), Darren Williamson (Cascade), Roy Marler (Cascade), Lindsey Hoffman (Cascade), Jennifer Bryan, Randy Cochran, Robin Beam, Curtis Janz

Criterion Five: Engagement and Service

Co-Chairs: Dr. Robyn Miller, Dr. Chip Kooi
Other Committee Members: Dr. June Breninger (Cascade*), Tom Buchanan (Cascade), Pearl Parsons (Cascade), Betty Astin (Cascade), Dr. Larry Jurney, Dr. Lawrence Murray, Matt Brock