Spiritual Mission & Heritage

We Exist for the Glory of God and Christ.

OC has always been and remains today firmly committed to the glory of and service to God and Christ. All other aspirations and activities are subservient to this immutable commitment.

Everything Belongs to God.

Since he created all and sustains all, we believe academic study and the capacities of mind and heart are sacred and gifts from God. Our scholarship and our lives are shaped by and given meaning by a worldview that God is creator and sovereign in our lives. Jesus is Central. God’s love, manifested through the free gift of grace through Jesus, the Christ, is the central message of scripture. Eternal salvation comes only through faith in Christ, and right living comes only through obedience to Christ.

The Scriptures are our Ultimate Guide.

We believe the Bible is inspired by God, is the ultimate source of wisdom and truth, and is fully sufficient to guide our lives on earth and to prepare us for eternal life with God. As human beings, we do not fully understand the mind of God. Therefore, we seek to be diligent and humble students of the scriptures, always learning and growing in the likeness of Christ.

Our Response.

Our response to God is obedience to Him and service to our fellow man under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with full acknowledgement of our humanity and need for grace.

Path Less Taken.

OC is determined to avoid following the path to secularism taken by so many church-related colleges and universities. Though a university can be neither a Christian nor the church, as a community of believers we are firmly dedicated to the service of Christ and our fellow man. It is not merely our Christian identity we wish to preserve; it is more important that our people be Christ-like and Christ followers. Thus, as an institution, we will reflect the values that are taught in scripture.

Vibrant Relationship with Founding Fellowship.

OC is an independent university founded by members of churches of Christ to provide excellent Christ-centered higher education. All trustees, administration, and full-time faculty of the University have been called from that fellowship throughout its history, and governance of the University is entrusted to a self- perpetuating Board of Trustees that is responsible for stewardship over the University’s mission. OC will cherish and nurture the relationship with the churches of Christ, while welcoming and serving students and communities who do not share that spiritual heritage.