Defining Values

Oklahoma Christian University is a distinctly Christian community of higher learning and higher calling, valuing faith, scholarship, integrity, stewardship, liberty and leadership.


The University affirms that God exists, that He is the author and sustainer of our lives, that the Bible is the inspired revelation of God’s will, and that He has manifested His love, His power, and His grace in the incarnation of Jesus, the Christ. OC’s Christian worldview, grounded in a humble and honest search for truth, is integral to and nurtures every discipline and every activity. It is faith that opens the mind to the consideration of ultimate truths and empowers the quest for goodness. The spirit of Christ transforms members of the University community for lives of faith, purpose, resilience, service, relationship, and love of all humankind. The University cherishes its vital relationship with the founding fellowship of the churches of Christ, while also welcoming and nurturing students from various walks of faith.


The University affirms that God is the author of, and sovereign over, all creation; that truth has nothing to fear from honest inquiry; that ideas can and should be examined openly and respectfully; that reason is a gift of God; and that faith and learning are inseparable. The University cherishes and cultivates the mind to discover the truths of God’s world and, therefore, encourages excellence, diligence, critical thinking, and creativity in all scholarly endeavors. The University is committed to a strong liberal arts core at the heart of the curriculum and to excellent professional preparation in all offered academic disciplines.


The University affirms that, absent integrity, all other values lose their power for transformation and for goodness. Integrity demands vigilant and undivided devotion to truth, honesty, genuineness, transparency, and wholeness, as well as commitment and strength to act upon truth as it is discovered. Integrity is not solely a matter of the intellect, but encompasses development of the whole person—mind, soul, and body—and requires a climate of civility and respect for all people and their search for truth.


The University affirms that God is the source of all its human, financial, and physical resources that His servants and providence have made available to the University to use prudently to further its mission. Because the University community reflects the love of God for all people, students, faculty, staff, and alumni will apply their God-given gifts and their learning to serving others, thus contributing to a better world. The University’s commitment to honor God demands that its people and its programs pursue excellence in everything. The University will engage superior faculty and staff, embrace effective practices, attract quality students, and provide necessary resources and environment for excellence to flourish. The University will be a competitive and considerate employer regarding compensation, benefits, morale and support for families.


The University cherishes the principles of religious, intellectual, social, economic, and political freedom that are blessings from our Creator and upon which this nation was founded. Freedom is purposeful selection of that which is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable As an integral part of its educational mission, the University seeks to uphold, teach, and strengthen values which undergird liberty, free enterprise, and servant-leadership. As the University seeks to engage the culture and share the blessings of the Christian faith and liberty with the community and the world, it cultivates a global perspective and prepares students for life in a complex, demanding, and changing global community.


The University affirms the value of preparing and encouraging leaders to use their talents and abilities in service to others. We believe the cultivation of servant leaders has a profound and lasting impact on individuals, families, communities, and nations. The University is committed to providing classes, symposia and other resources that help individuals to identify their God-given gifts and equip them to exercise those gifts to promote Christian principles of peace, compassion, and equality. We believe that effective leaders must possess a global perspective informed by a rigorous liberal arts education rooted in Biblical understanding. The University will seek to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to developing leaders of character, vision and courage.