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Join us for the Rwandan Walk to Remember at 2 pm in front of the Bible Building. "It has been said, 'He who does not remember history is doomed to repeat it.' We need to remember our brothers and sisters who died in Rwanda." - Julius Nkusi, OC graduate engineering student and former member of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which helped end the 1994 Genocide


"I went whale watching as a kid and the whale came right up alongside the boat. I kid you not, it turned over and looked me right in the eye. It was amazing. That was my first concept of God's creation and how big, complicated, and connected it is." Zach Coulson, Oklahoma City (By way of TX-CT-OR-GA-KS-SC as an Army kid) #HumansofOC


"We'll experience all kinds of chaos and adversity...but what will get us to the other side is people. That's why it's special that you're here. By coming to OC, you put yourself in an elite pool of people that can help you get where you want to go." -Sherri Coale, OC Hall of Famer and OU Women's Basketball Coach



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