Faculty Biographies

Stafford North

Stafford North Title: Distinguished Professor of Bible
Email: stafford.north@oc.edu
Hometown: Edmond, OK (since 1958)
Degree: Abilene Christian University - B.A.; Louisiana State Universtiy - M.A.; University of Florida - Ph.D.

Dr. Stafford North says that he works at OC because, "My best way to serve the Kingdom of God. Opportunity to influence Christian youth for lives of service and to train church leaders." Dr. North is a member of the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame. His main academic research is eschatology--the final events in the history of the world. His favorite memory of OC was "working with students in Songs America Sings." His wife is Jo Anne and they have one son named David, and three daughters: Julie Anderson, Linda Parker, and Susan Moran. Dr. North is an Elder at Memorial Road Church of Christ. He is also a Bible class teacher, and he is involved in preaching seminars. Dr. North is also involved in prison ministry.

The following is a short list of the many books written by Dr. Stafford North:

North, Stafford. /Evangelizing Your Community/. Nashville: 21st Century Christian, 2007.

---.Like a Thief in the Night. Nashville: 21st Century Christian, 2004.

---. Handbook on Church Doctrine. Nashville: 21st Century Christian, 2007.

---. Unlocking Revelation: Seven Simple Keys. Nashville: 21st Century Christian, 2002.