Distinguished Alumni

The OC Honors Program boasts large numbers of MD's, Ph.D.'s, lawyers, teachers, preachers, business executives, and a number of other prestigious positions. Here's a "Who's Who" of our distinguished alumni and recent graduates.


Preston Ackerman (2000) Business major; currently working in Law Enforcement in Oklahoma City.

Sara Alcon (2007) Biochemistry major; Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of New Mexico.

Taylor Baird (2006) Psychology major; Pepperdine University School of Law with Juris Doctorate, 2009 and received a Master of Dispute Resolution from Stratus Institute of Dispute Resolution; works as Assistant Registrar at University of Central Oklahoma.

Andrew Barker (2005) Biology major; graduated from University of Kansas Medical program; currently working on residency at Scott White Hospital in Temple, Texas.

John Barker III (2008) English Pre-Law major; attending University of Kansas Law School.

Lauren Bruner Barker (2005) English major; M.A. at University of Missouri at Kansas City as a teaching assistant; employed by Kansas and Texas private and public schools as writing teacher; published many poems in juried journals.

Steven Bell (2011) Electrical Engineering major; E.E. at Stanford University in graduate engineering; presented his paper in the design of robots and use of optical mice for navigation at the IEEE competition, where it received first place and won first place in OC’s 2011 Student Colloquium.

Travis Bow (2010) Mechanical Engineering major; M.S. at Stanford University in graduate engineering, Fall 2010; awarded Best Project for Honors Undergraduate Research, Creative Activity, and Pre-Professional Involvement in Engineering; and accepted into the NSF sponsored Research experience for Undergraduates summer program 2009 at OU.

Megan Collier (2009) Elementary Education major; teaching in Siberian Yupik Eskimo village of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska in highly sought after district.

Courtney Copeland Corman (2002) Biology major; Ph.D. at Washington University, St. Louis, MO; conducting highly specialized research.

Jacob Davis (2005) Accounting major; currently working at Chesapeake Energy as an accountant.

Elaine Ekpo (2008) History/Pre-Law major; Pepperdine Law School.

Amber Foster (2004) Family Studies Major; missionary in Honduras since 2004 years and OC’s Young Alumnus of the Year for 2010.

Cory Giles (2010) Biology major; Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Oklahoma.

Adam Hoffhines (2003) Biochemistry major; OU Health Science Center, PhD in Cellular Biology, 2008 and MD, 2010; residency in Pathology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center/Parkland Hospital in Dallas; published 6 scientific papers during his PhD training in journals such as Nature Methods and the Journal of Biological Chemistry; won a $20,000 Pre-doctoral Scholarship in 2005 for superior research project design; President of Graduate Student Association of the OU College of Medicine, 2008-2009.  

Ben Howard (2009) History/Pre-Law major; Master of Divinity program at Lipscomb University. 

Travis Hughes (2007) Biochemistry major; accepted at UC-Berkeley and Harvard; attends University of Michigan with  full tuition for two years at Michigan for MPH in Epidemiology-International Health in fall 2011. 

Cady Jackson (2012) English major; currently pursuing M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Oklahoma; recipient of the Bambas Memorial Scholarship; graduate teaching assistant; and 2011-2014 Honors House Resident Director.

Sean Lacey (2007) Mathematics major; received master's degree at Harvard; currently doing graduate work at Boston University.

Will Kooi (2010) Mass Communication/Journalism major; HIM worker/missionary in Vienna, Austria, 2012.

Daniel McCormack (2009) History & Political Science major; graduate History program at University of Texas, Austin.

Travis Montgomery (2002) English major; appeared in numerous OC musical productions; completing Ph.D. at University of Mississippi and has appeared on several national scholarly programs.

Wil Norton (2011) English major; graduate English program and graduate student assistant at Georgetown University , and taught for the prestigious Teach for America program at an inner city, OKC school.

Aaron Pogue (2002) English writing major; CEO for The Consortium and author of two best selling fantasy novels, Taming Fire and The Dragonswarm.

Michael O’Neal (2001) Engineering major; attends Pepperdine University Law School; currently practices law at William, Box, Foshee & Bullard.

Ben Peterson (2011) History major; works with CCCU Middle East Studies Program in Israel, 2011.

Aaron Stewart (2010) Political Science major; attends at OU Law School, fall 2010 and received the Natalie Pierrepont Comfort Scholarship for exemplary academic qualifications and LSAT scores.

Karissa Taylor, (2011) Music Education major; teaches music and choir in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma School System.

Rebekah Chisholm Taylor (2004) English major; attended University of Oklahoma Law School; 2009 associate attorney for a private law firm in Norman, Oklahoma; 2007-2008 Assistant District Attorney for Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

Joseph Thurman (2007) Biology major; PhD Oklahoma University Health Science Center; and residency in surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jennifer Roe Thurman (2007) Psychology major; MBA, Oklahoma Christian University, 2009; graduated Oklahoma University Health Science Center Physician’s Assistant, 2011.

Abigail Townsend (2010) English major; Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma Law School.

Wes Tyler (2011) Chemistry major; was published in a national journal and admitted to the PhD program in chemistry at OU, 2011.

Amber Vanderzee (2008) Graphic Design Marketing Management major; currently working as Design Assistant for Harper’s Bazaar in New York City, NY.

Lisa Warren (2010) Biochemistry major; MD at Oklahoma University Health Science Center.

Alayna Wearly (2004) Math major; PhD at University of California at Santa Barbara, president of Graduate Program Student Government Association.

Abigail White (2011) English Major; internship in New York City with a non-profit called Media 4 Humanity to prevent human trafficking, 2011.


Stacie Beach is accepted into Florida State University's Classics MA and University of Durham, England, to the MS program in Roman Archeology and will be attending Florida State.

Colby Boone is accepted into the University of Baylor’s Doctoral Program of Statistics and given their Graduate Fellowship. He will receive a full ride for their 5-year PhD program.

Cody Bryant applied for medical school to OU, UC-Irvine, and UCLA and been accepted to UC-Irvine and OU.

Nick Conley has been accepted to the Meharry College of Medicine, OU School of Medicine, and OU School of Community Medicine, University of Tennessee, and East Tennessee State University. He has decided to attend Meharry.

Brandon McWaters was accepted to University of Virginia School of Law with a scholarship for fall 2013.

Lynneth Miller received the 2013 Ransome Scholarship from the University of St. Andrew's, where she will be attending, for full tuition, travel, and housing. She was also accepted to University of Oklahoma graduate program.

Natalie Nalley received first place with The Effects of Strategic Self-Presentation and Social Comparison on Social Desirability at the Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention, Creighton University Spring 2013; won first place in the spring of 2013 at the Oklahoma Psychological Society Student Research Conference on OC's campus on The Effects of Presentation Modality and Instruction to Suppress Stereotypes on False Memory of Stereotypes.