B.S. Degree in Sport, Wellness, and Recreation Management



58 hours, no minor required 

This degree is designed for students who are preparing to work in sports, wellness, fitness, and recreational professions. The major emphasizes the role of sport, wellness and recreation in the work environment as well as each student’s individual life.

An OC graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree will:

  1. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the foundational principles of sports, wellness, and recreation and be able to apply these principles to specific work environments.

  2. Exhibit the ability to adapt to new and changing job environments and to work independently.

  3. Work effectively with others in a team environment, including being a good leader as well as supporting the group leader.

  4. Possess a working knowledge of advanced certification training opportunities in sport, wellness, and recreation management.

  5. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the liberal arts, and an ability to think, act, and communicate from a Christian worldview in all areas of life.

Student must complete a minimum of 126 hours including the major, core, and minor if required. Elective hours may be needed to reach 126 hours. 

1. 12 hours foundation courses 

2. 18 hours sport 

3. 15 hours wellness 

4. 13 hours recreation 

5. 2 hours activity courses chosen from 

Note: Transfer students who have taken major courses and/ or professional education courses at institutions other than OC must have the courses approved as substitutions by the Chair of the School of Education. OC students who plan to take general education courses at another institution must have prior approval by the Chair of the School of Education; courses in the major and/or professional education may not be taken at another institution. OC university teacher education programs change when Oklahoma teacher education program/licensure requirements change.

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