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Sometimes four years and one degree just isn't enough to satisfy our overachievers. In honor of his graduation tomorrow, here's Keith Ellingson paying tribute to each of his 76 college courses.

Keith Ellingson Classes

Keith Ellingson Classes

Cheekily set to the music of "Pomp and Circumstance," 2014 Oklahoma Christian University grad Keith Ellingson ...

Use this video as reason #1743 to take a study break! Love this OC student video produced by juniors Jon Stafford and Hunter Culpepper and starring sophomore Nick Thomas. Enjoy & BE HAPPY! #OCisHome



Pharrell's "Happy" filmed on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University.

"The grumpy cat makes me happy. He says the things that I think but don't want to say. This is how I felt about my Anatomy test this morning. But I ended up getting a 90 so it was okay." #HumansofOC #Finals Katelynn Dickson Chandler, OK



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