Housing Coordinator

NOTE: This job listing has closed. As of July 9, 2013, we are no longer seeking applicants.

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Housing Coordinator.  It is a full-time position working in the office of Residence Life.

Job Summary:  Oversees the administration of student room assignments; coordinates the timely and accurate delivery of information concerning room assignments to students, parents, faculty and staff; develops publications related to room assignments and housing contracts.


May include any and/or all of the following:

  • Administers room assignments for the fall semester and spring semester.
    • Communicate with students about the reservation process
    • Create applications
    • Assign applications
    • Approve applications
    • Process deposits
    • Set up online room selection processes
    • Assign students to the selection process
    • Mange “wish list” of students who were unable to reserve desired product
    • Help students understand housing policies regarding apartment qualifications and on-campus living
    • Provide assistance for students uncomfortable selecting rooms online
    • Mange changes throughout the year
    • Communicate the assignments to students
  • Manage summer housing requests
    • Create/revise application
    • Confirm receipt of deposit
    • Review requests and assign students
    • Enter assignments into Colleague
    • Ensure that the student is billed for the correct amount of time, taking into account special discounts for various groups.
    • Communicate assignments to students
    • Communicate assignments to Resident Directors
    • Keep up with changes throughout summer
  • Answer and respond to phone calls placed to the general residence life phone.
  • Manages student access to exterior doors of buildings (AMAG doors) by coordinating with IT Services and making adjustments as needed.
  • Respond to questions from prospective students and parents about housing options and reservation procedures.
  • Coordinates with IT Services to ensure that student access to the exterior doors (AMAG) is set up properly.
  • Coordinate with IT Services to make changes to exterior door access during breaks.
  • Coordinate with Resident Directors to ensure that student curfew or 24/7 exterior door access (AMAG) is set up properly.
  • Work with Resident Directors to change student access in AMAG if given probation.
  • Work with Resident Directors to give athletes and student employees the special access in AMAG as needed.
  • Coordinates with IT Services to ensure that student access to room locks (Persona locks) is set up properly.
  • Create a document for Resident Directors to submit comments each week.
  • Edit and compile weekly student comments submitted by Resident Assistants.
  • Share the comments with appropriate departments on campus.  
  • Maintains list of room check failures as reported weekly by Resident Directors.
  • Verify that appropriate forms are turned in for room check failure fines.
  • Prepares weekly count report (check information provided by Resident Directors and compile report).
  • Updates and edits housing portion of the OC public website.
  • Manages the housing Facebook page.
  • Process refund requests from prospective students and coordinate with Admissions Office before requesting the payment refund.
  • Verify deposit amounts for current students at check-out time so that their vouchers may be signed and redeemed.
  • Notify U-Dining and Financial Services Office about students who withdraw and need meal plans cancelled.
  • Process off campus housing requests. Verify details of request and approve or pass on to the next level for consideration.
  • Enter off campus housing assignments in Colleague.
  • Update addresses of off campus students in Colleague
  • Serve as liaison with student property insurance company to order brochures available for check-in, as well as provide information about their services on the website.
  • Encode cards for Guest Room on campus as well as prepare envelope to receive payment for room.
  • Ensure housing staff has appropriate card access (interior and exterior doors).
  • Be available during Parent Orientation to make presentations and/or answer questions (including weekends).
  • Be available during major check-in periods to assist with walk-in students and any other placement issues.
  • Be available during check-out periods to assist with deposit refunds.
  • Compile list of students with curfew for RDs
  • Request Resident Assistants access to be able to create Persona unlock codes at the beginning of each year, share that information with the Resident Directors so that they can train the Resident Assistants.
  • Request Resident Director access to be able to create key cards and unlock codes in Persona.
  • Support Resident Directors in their positions -provide a listening ear, advice, reminder of procedures.
  • Works with Resident Directors and Admissions to prepare list of available spaces for individual and group guests during visit weekends.
  • Send break information to residents.
  • Provide floor plans with resident information to each Resident Director.
  • Prepare labels for each resident to be used on files.
  • Prepare labels for key envelopes per resident for check-out.
  • Provide information to US Census Bureau personnel who come to campus.
  • Respond to rental verification requests from apartment complexes
  • Assist FBI and other government personnel who are verifying previous residence of our alumni when they are performing a background check.


  • Interpersonal/human relations skills
  • Verbal and written communications skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to operate a personal computer and various software programs
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality


Education and experience equivalent to:

Bachelor’s degree; supplemented with one (1) year of related experience.

Oklahoma Christian University is a private liberal arts university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Applicants should be active members of the Church of Christ and have a personal life that reflects the teachings, example, and love of Jesus Christ.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter via email to Mr. Lynn Hooper, Director of Human Resources at Lynn.Hooper@oc.edu