Campus closed Wednesday; classes/activities cancelled

Due to the weather forecast, OC's campus will be closed Wednesday. All classes and activities are cancelled. Students, faculty, and staff - check your email for more info.

3rd Party Student Information Access

Parents (or others granted 3rd party access) may log into MyOC to view your student's financial aid information, student account information, grades, course schedule, and/or chapel attendance.


Before a third party can access a student's information, the student must grant that person access.

Those who wish to request 3rd party access from a student may do so by completing and submitting the Parent/Guardian Information Login Request Form.

Instructions describing the processes are provided below.

Student Instructions - Grant Third Party (Parent/Guardian Access) to academic and/or financial information 

Parent Instructions - How can a third party (parent/guardian) access a student's academic and/or financial information?