Ethics Ombudsman

The university is dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and the President and the Board of Trustees have demonstrated their sincerity by establishing the office of Ethics Ombudsman. It is important that every person, whether internal or external to the university, knows that every effort is being made to address any concerns that involve a real or perceived breech of ethical behavior.

As stated in the Ethics Ombudsman Policy, the ombudsman is not a “morality policeman” or an “ethics compliance officer” but rather someone ready to confidentially investigate any perceived or real ethical problems. Every individual or group expressing a concern or making an accusation first should carefully read the Ethics Ombudsman Policy statement which can be found on the university web page. The university has provided many channels for handling grievances and these should be used when appropriate. The procedures for entering grievances and appeals into these systems are found in the various handbooks available to students, staff and faculty. It would be appropriate to bring any situation to the ombudsman that is truly a breach of ethical behavior and not something that should be handled through other channels.

Concerns may be submitted in writing and should be signed. Individuals bringing matters to the attention of the Ethics Ombudsman in this manner can be assured that their identity will be held in strict confidence. 

Regular reports will be made to the President and to the Board of Trustees concerning the overall integrity of the university in its dealings with internal and external constituencies.

OC Ethics Ombudsman, Linda King, can be reached by e-mail at