Tuition & Financial Aid


Tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is $540 per credit hour for domestic students and $580 per credit hour for international students.  

For international students only, a $1500 refundable enrollment deposit is required in order to confirm your intent to enroll at Oklahoma Christian University. This deposit saves your place in OC's incoming class by allowing you to enroll in classes.  This deposit will be applied as a credit to your first semester’s tuition cost.   Your $1500 enrollment deposit may be made using the following payment link -  

Please read OC's Financial Policy for Graduate Students here.

Financial Services Policy

All charges for the MSE are applied to accounts at enrollment. Payment is due when classes begin for that student in any semester. While there is a four-week period before accounts are considered past due, payment is due on the first day classes begin for a student.

Payment may be made through the student's Account Online via cash, echeck, or credit card (excluding Visa). Student loans are also available for those who qualify. The Financial Services office is available to assist in the application process. It is recommended that students start this process as early as possible. Please note that half-time enrollment (a minimum of five credit hours) is required in graduate school to be eligible for loans. Also, monthly payment plans are available to graduate students as they are for undergraduate students.

Employment Reimbursement
Students wishing to delay payment based on an employer reimbursement financial agreement must first submit the Employer Reimbursement Form. Failure to complete the this form by the first day of classes will result in the student's account being considered delinquent and therefore subjected to finance charges and possible withdrawal from classes. 

Financial Aid

To apply for federal financial aid, students should follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once the FAFSA has been submitted, the student's information will be forwarded to the Office of Financial Services at Oklahoma Christian University.
  2. Students must then complete the MSE Student Data Form and return it to the Office of Financial Services.
  3. Once OC has received your FAFSA information, we may need additional paperwork, such as an Independent Verification Worksheet, your signed federal tax return, or an Asset Information Worksheet. We will contact you if we need more paperwork.
  4. After all of your paperwork is complete, the Office of Financial Services will determine your eligibility for financial aid.  We will then send you an award letter.
  5. If you are a first-time borrower at Oklahoma Christian University, you will also need to complete a loan entrance interview before borrowing a Stafford Loan.
  6. When you receive your award letter, we will notify you with instructions on how to complete the loan application.

If you have questions, please contact Linda Orr at 405-425-5194